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Control an adventurer as you delve into the dark depths of a randomly generated labyrinth.


The controls are quite simple!

  • Click where you want to move, and your character will go there as long as you have explored that room. If there is an enemy in your way, you will automatically attack it. If there is an item in your path, you'll pick it up. If you walk into another player, you'll swap places. Your character will not pick up an item if it is worse than one he already has.

  • If you reach the exit in a given maze, you will go deeper into the dungeon, where the monsters will be tougher, the items stronger, and the passageways larger. It can be necessary, therefore, to pick up every item you see and defeat every enemy you encounter. If you don't, you may be too weak to continue.

  • Every five levels, you will fight a boss. The boss is a giant minotaur who waits dangerously in a giant room in the center of a maze. He may be too difficult to defeat - as you battle him, potions will randomly spawn. Find them in order to heal yourself a bit.

  • The game isn't over until all players dead. So, if you die in a certain maze, as long as a teammate makes it to the end, you're in luck! You'll revive once you get to the next level.

  • There is also a simple tutorial you can follow if you're still confused.
    Please note: This is a BETA version of the game. As such, there are a few bugs, and lots of balance issues at higher levels. In addition, it's possible to overload the server with too many requests. This typically results from output messages and sounds. If you don't want to risk it, uncheck these options when you start the game. Sound appears not to work online at the moment... I'll fix that sometime in the near future.

With that in mind, please report any bugs you find here: http://www.otcsw.com/contact.php

All concepts, code, art, and sounds are Copyright© Eli Delventhal, 2008, All Rights Reserved. Don't steal it or I'll take your pants. http://www.otcsw.com/

Created: Jun 11, 2008
Last updated: Jun 11, 2008

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