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A classic trick-taking card game.


The rules of Pinochle are beyond the scope of "brief instructions." For a complete discussion, please see http://www.pagat.com/marriage/pinmain.html. In almost all cases, it describes the rules used here. Most exceptions are dealt with in the Table Options. In addition, I also define one more meld, the Roundhouse, which is one of each King and Queen. Normally, this would score 240: 100 for all the marriages, 80 for the Kings, and 60 for the Queens. I throw in an extra 10 points for style, making it 250.

I implemented the rules of Pinochle that I play by; there are many variations, some of which I may incorporate as table options in the future. If you already play Pinochle by different rules, let me know via the GameGardens forums and I will make those options a priority.

I hope the user interface should be relatively self-explainatory. In general, click on buttons to do what the button says, and click on cards when you need to select/play cards.

Table options:

Number of computer players: (0-3) The AI for computer players is not that sophisticated, but they do better than playing random cards. They are useful for learning the game, but not a challenge for a competent human player. If you choose 2 computers and 2 humans, the teams will be AI+Human vs. AI+Human.

Play to: The number of points a team must reach in order to win.

Minimum bid: The lowest allowed bid under normal circumstances.

Dealer Options: If the first three players all pass, this setting determines what the dealer may do. "Bunching" is when the dealer also passes, and the hand is ended. A "cheap bid" is 50 points lower than the normal minimum bid.

Open hands: A setting that is useful for teaching new players how to play. With this box checked, everyone can see everyone else's hand. No fun except for beginners.

Game implementation by Brendan Furneaux (withlyn)
Artwork by Three Rings Design Inc. (Bluebeard, I think?)
Based on the Narya framework by Three Rings Design Inc.
Gameplay traditional

Created: Apr 9, 2005
Last updated: Jun 5, 2005

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