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Game Category Description  
300 Cubits Party Arrange the animals on Noah's Ark, without tipping the boat or letting animals eat each other. [Play!]
3D Tic-Tac-Toe Strategy Tic-Tac-Toe in glorious 3-D !!! For 1 to 2 players. [Play!]
A Weaving Puzzle Other A proposal for a Puzzle Pirate weaving puzzle. The goal is to form given patterns on the loom. [Play!]
A* Tutorial Other A demonstration of the A* pathfinder. [Play!]
Acrophobia Party Acrophobia is a classic internet party game, once popularized by a flying toaster company. [Play!]
Arena Fighter! Other Kill your opponent in this Final Fantasy inspired fighter. [Play!]
Asteroid Ranger Other Real time area match asteroid shooting game. [Play!]
Ataxx Strategy Reversi-style game rewarding aggressive play. [Play!]
Atlantis Strategy A tile laying game that is fun for the whole family. [Play!]
Backgammon Classic A very basic backgammon [Play!]
Balloon Party a cartoon competition between snoopy and marshmallow... pop! [Play!]
Basehack Strategy Use your robots to hack the enemy's base and achieve planetary dominance! [Play!]
Battle 2048 Strategy 2048 Battle!! Play the popular 2048 game against another with a unique twist in gameplay! [Play!]
BattleNav Strategy BattleNav is a battle navigation simulator. For the most part it's been simplified in respect to real battle navigat... [Play!]
Battlemage Strategy Divine knowledge is within your grasp, but only those other pesky mages stand in your way! Gather your mana and defea... [Play!]
Battleship Strategy Fire shots at your enemy and sink their boats. [Play!]
Bayareaopoly Classic Bay Area themed Monopoly game [Play!]
Big Two Card A Chinese climbing-style card game using poker hands. Challenge 2006 2nd Place. [Play!]
BlockadeRunner Other A fairly simple tactical maneuvering game written to demonstrate A* path finding. [Play!]
BurninTom's FourScore Classic An implementation of the classic game Four-In-A-Row (aka Connect Four). [Play!]
CFour Classic Drop your pieces one by one. Get four in a row to win! [Play!]
CactusBoom! Strategy A game with cowboys, territory battles, and exploding cacti. Challenge 2006 entry (4th Place!). [Play!]
Caissa Strategy Capture your opponent's chess pieces while defending your own. [Play!]
Cangkul Card A fun indonesian card game. [Play!]
Chaos Dots Classic Dots are traveling around multiple wheels. Organize them by color to control the chaos. [Play!]
Checkers Classic Capture all your opponent's pieces by jumping them. [Play!]
Checks Classic A variant of the classic game of Checkers [Play!]
Classic Stratego Strategy The classic two player board game of military subterfuge and strategy. [Play!]
Concrete Jungle Strategy Concrete Jungle is a game that simulates the daily hustle bustle of the city. You compete against other players for ... [Play!]
Confound Strategy A simple board game of sliding pieces. [Play!]
Connect Four Classic Connect four pieces of your color in a row to win! [Play!]
Crazy Eights Card First player to get rid of their cards wins, eights are wild. [Play!]
Docking Other Docking is the hardest part of the day. After all, you can't run aground in the middle of the sea! A sliding puzzler. [Play!]
Domineering Strategy A race to eliminate your opponent's avalaible moves in this mathematical game of no chance! [Play!]
Drinking Strategy Classic Drinking from Puzzle Pirates (a massively multiplayer game) before June 2005 Deleted on 6 Jan 2010 [Play!]
Dugi Strategy As simple as checkers... as strategic as chess. [Play!]
Econo_Sim_Game Other This is a game in development. It is inspired by Eric Solomon's paper and pencil game "Middleman". Eventually I ho... [Play!]
Elemental Battle Strategy A variation on Chinese Checkers where the territory you control is just as important as getting your pieces home. [Play!]
Fantan Card A card game, sometimes also called "Sevens", where you and three other players take turns trying rid your hand of car... [Play!]
Fast4x Strategy Knock off of Pax Galaxia. http://www.diogames.com/PaxGalaxia.html Right now this is just knock off of Pax Galaxia.... [Play!]
Feasting Strategy A logical strategy game for two players (one of which could be a bot). [Play!]
Five Strategy Remake of a classic stone-laying game. [Play!]
Flit Other Logo meets Lightcycles meets Pipedream [Play!]
Flowars Strategy Build Bees and expand your hive to take control of the garden. [Play!]
Fourscore Strategy A Connect Four variant with combos. [Play!]
GCPP Haddock Other Form given patterns on the loom. Challenge 2006 Entry. [Play!]
GCPP Halibut Other GCPP Tailoring Proposal [Play!]
GCPP Knightfish Other Logic Maze [Play!]
GCPP Mackerel Other Proposed YPP Weaving game. Don't try to 'play in applet'. [Play!]
GCPP Mako Other A partial implementation of the Project Mako proposal. (Under Construction) [Play!]
GCPP Manta Other Proposed iron mongery puzzle for YPP. See http://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/GCPP:Proposal-Manta [Play!]
GCPP Mummichog Classic A variation of Memory that does not necessarily have a perfect solution. This is a sample program for the YPP Grand ... [Play!]
GCPP Neverbite Other The Neverbite proposal - Challenge 2006 entry. [Play!]
GCPP Nibbler Other Logic puzzle with incomplete information. Multi-player tables play cooperatively, not competitively. [Play!]
GCPP Pickerel Other Build lengths of cloth from available threads, wasting as little as possible, under no time pressure. Single player ... [Play!]
GCPP RedBand Other GCPP Tailoring Proposal [Play!]
GCPP Tench Other Arrange commodities on the conveyor belts to match recipes. [Play!]
Game Test Other Testing a new concept, not yet ready for public consumption... [Play!]
Gardening Strategy Plant flowers to grow a beautiful garden! [Play!]
Grail Strategy A new twist on an old classic, this 2-5 player version of Chess is played on an enormous 15x15 board and incorporates... [Play!]
Grand Prix Jumping Other In Grand Prix Jumping, the players take on the roles of riders, leading their steeds through a Grand Prix competition... [Play!]
Harvest Strategy Harvest as much of your color as possible in this turn-based game. [Play!]
Hasami Shogi Classic A classic Japanese boardgame with similarities to reversi. [Play!]
Hero Strategy A board game style war game for up to six players. [Play!]
Hero Test Other A test version of Hero [Play!]
Hex Simplified Other Hex Simplified is exactly that - a simplified version of the game of hex (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hex_(board... [Play!]
High King Strategy The invading hordes have reached the throne room! Crush the tyrannical monarch or escort your king to safety in this ... [Play!]
Hokm Card Hokm is a trick taking card game, in which the object is to be the first team or player to win 7 points. It's the mos... [Play!]
Iryna's Tower Strategy Simple but fun 2 player logic game. [Play!]
Joust Strategy Try to unhorse the other knight, but don’t run off the field [Play!]
Kanature Strategy The classic school game of squares with a piratey theme. Places your markers onto the island to form squares, try not... [Play!]
King Cobra Classic Snakes Multi player game. [Play!]
Kings Table Classic The ancient game of Hnefatafl, the Norse board game of choice up to the 11th century. The King and his defenders atte... [Play!]
Knight Fight Strategy N.B.: THIS GAME'S WINDOW IS TOO BIG TO FIT INTO THE APPLET so please don't play it in the applet :) That a... [Play!]
Labyrinth Strategy A game of problem solving, exploration and treasure based on Labyrinth Jr. by Ravensburger. [Play!]
Laser Battle! Strategy Somewhat like Chess, but with lasers. Based on the game Khet. [Play!]
Liars Draw Classic Like traditional Liar's Dice but each player can re-roll some or all of their dice once, allowing for better bluffing... [Play!]
Locksmith Strategy Can you win the race to break the combination and get to the booty? [Play!]
Mako (Unstable) Other This is an unstable development version of the Mako game. [Play!]
MasterMind Classic Crack the code! Guess the colored code your opponent has selected for you. You have ten guesses. [Play!]
Monyo chess Other Simple Chess [Play!]
Opto Strategy Place mirrors to direct three colored lasers at your opponents' targets. [Play!]
Oroboros Classic A maze arena battle heavily based on the classic Apple ][ game "Serpentine". [Play!]
Pangalactic Trader Strategy An economic/trading game. Through the game you will visit the planets of the galaxy while amassing a fortune. The f... [Play!]
Paper War Other This is a Java implementation of a pencil and paper game I used to play in Algebra class with my friends when we were... [Play!]
Parfait Other A fruity logic puzzle for 1-4 players. If you like Sudoku, you will probably love Parfait! [Play!]
Pegskin Other Pegskin = pegpeople + pigskin(a football). A game where you try to take the ball down the field and score in your end... [Play!]
Phase Rifle Other Genre: action-strategy. Fire energy balls to control all the flags! Won 5th place in the Game Gardens Challenge (2006). [Play!]
Picasso Party The collaborative drawing environment. [Play!]
Pinochle Card A classic trick-taking card game. [Play!]
Pioneers of Pangaea Strategy First, a little something about the game itself. Pioneers of Pangaea is a 2D java implementation of the classic boar... [Play!]
Piratey Chess Strategy A piratey variant of chess ! [Play!]
Plink Strategy Drop balls into slots at the top of the board and they flip switches on the way down, moving left or right depending ... [Play!]
Poison Classic 21 game chips, and the last one is poisoned, so don't take it. [Play!]
Quarto! Classic A simple two player game of logic and observation [Play!]
Reversi Classic Two players place stones on a board and attempt to fill the board with stones of their color. [Play!]
Risk Strategy Risk is a strategic game for two to four players. The board is a simplified political map of Europe. It is your miss... [Play!]
Roads! Strategy You attempted to capture squares by connecting them with roads of your color. [Play!]
Roshambo Classic Rock-Paper-Scissors [Play!]
Ruthless in mid times Strategy Fight. live eat cook telaport run dance do any thing talk [Play!]
Sagashi Word Any number of players compete to find words in a grid of letters. [Play!]
Scribble Party Become the quickest draw, in this Pictionary-like game of creativity. [Play!]
Set Other For one to infinite players. The cards on the table represent a puzzle which all players try to solve simultaneously.... [Play!]
Simply Chess Classic Simply Chess, just chess. No move AI yet so you have to play with other people, or by yourself, but the engine has ma... [Play!]
Sinuosity Party Control an adventurer as you delve into the dark depths of a randomly generated labyrinth. [Play!]
Sliding Puzzle Other Complete the picture by moving tiles around. One player game. [Play!]
Slooprace Strategy A race across the ocean. [Play!]
Space Crack Strategy Compete to win the most planets with your armada of ships. [Play!]
Star War! Other A 2-player spaceship shooting game. Players control their spaceship in a space with gravity and try to shoot the othe... [Play!]
Story Telling Card A group of pirates are sitting in a bar trying to tell the tallest tale. The bits of piratey life they weave into t... [Play!]
Stratego Strategy Classic two player strategy game of capture the flag. Warning: The game is still in development. [Play!]
StrategyGO! Strategy A real-time implementation of the classic board game Stratego(C). [Play!]
Submarine Commander Strategy You are the brave captain of a submarine engaged in a deadly game of blind man's bluff meets battleship. [Play!]
Survival Strategy A game of survival pits you against 1-7 other players. Will you work together to earn the most points or attack each ... [Play!]
Swabby Simon Classic A mixture of Simon and Horse. [Play!]
Tall Tales Word Find and grab words before your opponent does! [Play!]
Tasty Strategy Combine smaller coins into larger ones and see who takes home all the booty! [Play!]
Test Other This is the skeleton game created by ant newgame [Play!]
The Game Of 99! Classic Try to get five pegs in a row using your cards. [Play!]
The Sky Is Falling!! Other Try not to get squished by the falling blocks! Or control the blocks and crush your opponents! [Play!]
Towers Strategy A tower defense game - stop the incoming mobs before they break through your defenses! [Play!]
Treasure Hunt Other Move your piece around the maze collecting coins. The player to collect most coins wins. [Play!]
Ultimate Chess Classic Ultimate Chess is basically just like standard chess.........except where it isn't. [Play!]
Wall Ball Other A physics based game where players try to bounce a ball against walls in a pre-specified order. [Play!]
Watch the Garden! Other This is a two-player coop game where both players struggle to have a profitable garden in the face of a major, adapti... [Play!]
Who Dunnit? Strategy A scurvy bunch o' pirates put their heads together to try to determine who swiped the King's regalia. They keep accus... [Play!]
Windfall Strategy A tactical game of navy warfare. [Play!]
Yinsh Strategy Get 5 in a row three times to win. [Play!]
Zen Bilging Party Any number of players can practice their bilging on identical boards. [Play!]
simple 21 Card a simple blackjack demo to test and learn the gamegardens api! [Play!]
{T By 3} 3D Tic Tac Toe Classic Play a riveting game of Tic Tac Toe in 3D. Includes variable board sizes. [Play!]

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